Intelligent test generation

ProtoCrawler’s test generators allow you to automatically design and create thousands of intelligently malformed messages with just a few button clicks.

ProtoCrawler uses information contained within protocol models to crawl over different parts of each data message. 

You can systematically adjust the type of malformation to probe deeper device logic and enable wider code coverage. 


Leverage an intuitive GUI, and if you’re short of time you can simply select the desired number of tests, and let ProtoCrawler do the rest!

Test cases are completely re-usable, so you can apply them to other targets for debugging or regression testing. Our customers value the time saving this provides, as well as the ability to re-run tests, or reproduce test results on a range of different device models, software versions and/or system configurations. 

ProtoCrawler affords you intuitive, consistent, repeatable testing to help you and your customers to gain full confidence.

ProtoCrawler’s generators can be used to produce an extremely high number of test data inputs. Given there is no intuitive reason to know which types of data inputs are likely to be more interesting than others, you’re going to need some help.

Worry not, ProtoCrawler’s automated analysis functions can do all the heavy lifting for you!

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Product Overview

Deploy our advanced fuzz testing software to discover and tackle security vulnerabilities that you might have overlooked.

Automated Analysis

Analyse results automatically and get all the information you need to prioritise, diagnose and tackle your security issues.


Protocol Models

Leverage our extensive library of common IT and OT protocols as a means to create structured fuzz tests for your products and systems.