Cyber Physical Systems

Physical security systems are generally designed to monitor egress and/or enable controlled entry to buildings and infrastructure. 

They also prevent unauthorised access to things like industrial control systems, smart energy assets, military installations and so on. 

Yet, physical barriers are no good to anyone if they can be easily hacked.


Over recent years, CyTAL has become heavily involved in designing cyber-security requirements for physical security.

Such arrangements are designed to encourage manufacturers of cyber physical systems to improve the security of their solutions, whilst also making it easier for customers to find and select the right product.

As is the case with most technology today, cyber physical systems are becoming more and more involved – with many now offering a facility to talk to the cloud, whilst others exhibit biometrics and AI features. 

Even end devices (like video cameras, readers and keypads) are a lot smarter than they look and could therefore be a point of weakness.

If you’re not seeking formal certification, but simply want to put your cyber physical product/system through its paces, come and talk to us.

Interfaces between products and systems have never been so important to protect and this is where CyTAL really leads the way. 

Our advanced security software allows vendors and end-users to assess such interfaces, prioritise previously unknown security issues and then tackle them before they become exposed to the outside world.

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