ProtoCrawler™ has a real attitude to finding bugs!

ProtoCrawler is an intelligent fuzz testing solution, used to identify security weaknesses and implementation bugs.

Our customers use ProtoCrawler as part of a continuous assurance process, to develop and maintain robust and resilient products.

What is fuzz testing?

Fuzz testing is used to discover unpredictable (or just incorrect!) behaviour in devices or software when they’re sent spurious or malformed data.

Why should I bother with fuzz testing?

Why should I use ProtoCrawler?

So, how does it work?


Define your target interface and configure the tests you want to run given the time you have available vs, the depth of coverage required.


Automatically generate test data, run the tests, and collect all the evidence you need for full traceability.


Automatically analyse the test results to focus in on the higher risk areas and any items that may require further investigation.


Extract tailored reports to guide further testing activities or to produce broader insights for risk owners.

Things you might uncover using ProtoCrawler

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Protocol Models

Leverage an extensive library of common IT and OT protocols to create structured fuzz tests for your products and systems.


Intelligent Test Generation​

Define coverage based on the time you have available and generate a myriad of intelligent, automated tests with just a few clicks.

Automated Analysis​

Analyse results automatically and get all the information you need to prioritise, diagnose and tackle your security issues.


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