Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems have been heavily targetted by cyber-criminals in recent years – there have been several high-profile cases – not least complex phishing and malware campaigns.

Once a hacker has gained access, they may attempt to trigger shutdowns, by interrupting or manipulating operating parameters. 

Such events have not yet known to have caused loss of life, but it’s widely considered they will play a major part in future cyber warfare.

CyTAL has recently contributed to recommendations for a new EU cybersecurity certification scheme targeting industrial automation and control systems (IACS) as part of the IACS Thematic Group, under the EU ERNCIP project. 

Our team is also very familiar with the IEC62443 standards.

Interfaces between products and systems have never been so important to protect and this is where CyTAL really leads the way. 

Our advanced security software allows vendors and end-users to assess such interfaces, prioritise previously unknown security issues and then tackle them before they become exposed to the outside world.

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