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Check out the most advanced fuzz testing software on the market – which will help you to discover, analyse, prioritise and tackle security vulnerabilities and implementation bugs you might have overlooked!

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Intelligent Test Generation​

Define coverage based on the time you have available and generate a myriad of intelligent, automated tests with just a few clicks.

Automated Analysis​

Analyse results automatically and get all the information you need to prioritise, diagnose and tackle your security issues. 

Structured Framework

Leverage an extensive library of common IT and OT protocols to create structured fuzz tests for your products and systems.

Protecting Critical Infrastructure

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CyTAL exists to help developers, manufacturers and their customers to improve the security and resilience of products and systems. We provide consultancy, testing and software solutions. 

ProtoCrawler, our powerful fuzz testing solution, helps our customers to identify and resolve previously unknown vulnerabilities in products or systems as part of their continuous assurance processes.

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