CyTAL to present at EU Cyber Acts Conference

CyTAL’s Tony Boswell will be presenting and leading a panel session alongside other distinguished cyber security experts at the EU Cyber Acts conference in Brussels on 12-13 March 2024.

The conference covers a broad range of topics, not least the Cyber Security Resilience Act (CRA)  which covers a swath of consumer products including IoT, cloud, communications, payments, automotive, and more.

In response to the rising number and cost of cyber-attacks and ever more connected devices, product developers will increasingly be required to protect their systems and networks from cyber threats, and report significant security incidents.

The Cyber Resilience Act emphasises the improvement of security by design in order to deliver digital products without known exploitable vulnerabilities, including “effective and regular tests and reviews of the security of the product”.

CyTAL leads the way on such topics, and Tony will focus on some of the lessons we’ve learnt from helping smart metering companies to fuzz test their implementations and thus improve the resilience and robustness of their products.

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