What is fuzzing and why bother?

Cyber attackers are using ever more sophisticated methods to exploit design weaknesses and flaws in company systems and products. Every single day, attackers target millions of assets in and attempt to extort, destabilise or steal from companies like yours and your customers’.

The threat of exploitation is real

If cyber attackers are able to exploit a vulnerability in your software or firmware previously unknown to you before you can develop and deploy a fix, it is at serious risk of attack. This method of attack is commonly known as a zero-day attack. Zero-day exploits have the potential to inflict serious reputational damage, causing severe customer disruption with crippling costs to resolve the issue.

In our modern connected world, with more and more systems communicating with each other over the internet and corporate networks. Protecting your assets from cyber criminals requires increasingly sophisticated defensive testing strategies.

How can fuzzing help?

This is where automated fuzz testing can help. Fuzz testing is a cyber security testing technique that finds previously unknown software vulnerabilities or weaknesses. By finding and fixing these vulnerabilities early in the lifecycle, companies can minimise the disruption and extreme costs caused by unforeseen attacks.

CyTAL’s unique automated fuzz testing solution, ProtoCrawler, finds vulnerabilities by feeding intelligently generated malformations and invalid data into a test system with the aim of causing faults, system crashes or unexpected responses. ProtoCrawler’s automation avoids bias towards faults the developer expects or anticipates, therefore it can reveal serious coding defects and security loopholes that are frequently overlooked.

Unexpected behaviour and unstable system states present an opportunity for cyber attackers to control parts of the company system or to extract data from it. This is also why fuzzing is one of the main techniques used by hackers to find unknown software defects and weaknesses and exploit them.

Ready to fuzz out the box

ProtoCrawler is ready-to-fuzz straight out of the box, so it can start producing real-time results quickly with minimal knowledge and training. Its extensive communications support also gives the ability to conduct automatable black box testing of IT and OT products.

Cyber attackers will find vulnerabilities. Don’t make it easy for them, secure your future and start testing with ProtoCrawler today.

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