CyTAL secures funding from Origin Capital

CyTAL has recently closed a significant equity funding round to support its accelerated growth plans for ProtoCrawler, its ground-breaking cyber security fuzz-testing software. The company will use the new funding to expand its technical development and sales & marketing activities, and will be developing its ProtoCrawler software to make it applicable to any product/system with an interface, delivering benefits to any vendor developing IT/OT devices and systems.

Matt Freeman, CEO of CyTAL, commented “We’re delighted to receive an investment from Origin, and the process we have been through to get here has really helped us to validate our future plans and ambitions. We’ve listened carefully to what our customers and the market are telling us, and developed ProtoCrawler accordingly. We look forward to welcoming Origin onto the board and exploiting their insights to help us become a leading player in cyber security product assurance and testing software.”

Tim de Vere Green, CEO of Origin Capital commented: “We are delighted to be supporting CyTAL. We have been impressed by the team’s progress since incorporation just 10 months ago, and look forward to working with the founders in support of the company’s ambitious goals”.

Fuzz-testing is a key part of modern cyber-security product assurance regimes. It involves subjecting devices to deliberately malformed inputs beyond those expected in its normal usage and thereby identifying anomalous behaviour that might give rise to unexpected behaviour, or exploitation by a bad actor. ProtoCrawler provides some of the most advanced and flexible fuzz-testing capabilities available on the market. The software is already being successfully deployed to identify and prioritise previously unknown vulnerabilities in products, such that vendors can rectify issues earlier in the development cycle, preventing zero-day vulnerabilities reaching customers in the market.