CyTAL joins the Open Charge Alliance

As CyTAL continues to diversify its cybersecurity activities in smart energy, we are today very pleased to announce our membership of the Open Charge Alliance. CyTAL has developed a track record in supporting the development of cybersecurity requirements for critical infrastructure applications, whilst also helping public and private organisations to improve the resilience of their valuable investments.

David Spalding, Commercial Director at CyTAL said: “We look forward to supporting and contributing to the objectives of the Open Charge Alliance by providing technical guidance, services and tools to other members as standardisation of Electric Vehicles infrastructure security continues to evolve.”

Lonneke Driessen, Director of Open Charge Alliance said: “We are very excited to welcome CyTAL to the Open Charge Alliance. Here at the Open Charge Alliance we value open standards to promote innovation in the field of Electric Vehicle smart charging. Cybersecurity is a major part of those innovations. We are looking forward to seeing CyTAL participate in our Alliance!”

About the Open Charge Alliance:

The Open Charge Alliance is a global consortium of public and private electric vehicle infrastructure leaders that promote open smart charging protocols, and thus make Electric Vehicle charging networks open and accessible for all.

About CyTAL:

CyTAL is a cyber security business providing product evaluation and testing solutions to IT/OT businesses and users. CyTAL’s market leading ProtoCrawler suite is an innovative software-based test platform for advanced fuzz testing. ProtoCrawler provides businesses confidence that deployed products and systems are resilient against cyber-attacks aimed at exploiting design weaknesses and flaws, and gives development teams the power to continuously check and measurably improve the robustness of their implementations.