CyTAL welcomes new investors as ProtoCrawler evolves into new markets

CyTAL, developer of automated cybersecurity fuzz testing solution ProtoCrawler, has raised further funding from new and existing investors, including corporate shareholder DNV, to further its mission of delivering innovative solutions to meet evolving cybersecurity needs.

Bolstered by a growing revenue stream, the new funds will support CyTAL in accelerating sales, marketing and development of its core security vulnerability analysis software product,  ProtoCrawler. Recognised by customers as being considerably more powerful and flexible than competing tools, CyTAL plans to expand ProtoCrawler’s support for a wide range of technologies and applications and evolve into new markets including Europe and North America.

Since spinning out of the renowned independent assurance and risk management advisor DNV in April 2020, the founding team has created an innovative world-leading fuzz testing solution, which captures decades of experience in cyber security testing. ProtoCrawler has been successfully integrated into a range of organisations’ development pipelines, helping to measurably reduce cyber risks related to undiscovered vulnerabilities in products or systems.

CyTAL supports product developers and critical infrastructure providers by delivering cybersecurity evaluation solutions that meet the latest security needs, helping to manage security risks in-house through software and expert advice. ProtoCrawler’s ground-breaking approach to fuzz testing is applicable to any product or system with an interface, delivering benefits to any business developing or deploying IT and OT devices and systems.

Matt Freeman, CEO of CyTAL, said: “We are excited to take this next step in our journey and combine new funding with CyTAL’s established revenues to drive the business forward. To receive new investments based on the positive response from customers on our lead product is really encouraging and we are pleased to be working with investors who recognise the team’s extensive knowledge and experience. Cyber security testing is a large growth market and fuzz testing is set for rapid growth as global cyber security requirements continue to evolve. Our vision is to develop ProtoCrawler into a broad platform for dynamic security testing of all applications and devices in the connected domain, changing the way businesses think about their cyber security.”

Esben Rusås, NED of CyTAL and Finance and Commercial Director at DNV Accelerator, commented: “We are pleased to continue to support such an innovative company and highly experienced management team as they further their mission, to improve the quality and robustness of cybersecurity products and solutions available on the open market. Cyber security is a key theme for every business as they strive to meet best practice and the latest regulations.”